How to Choose the Best Sailing Knife for Kids

Now that it is Springtime and the boats are getting prepped to be splashed, we’ve been spending a LOT of time at the boatyard getting her ready to be splashed. I love this time of year–you get to see families and friends hanging out slowly making progress on their boats and make lots of progress on the beer! I couldn’t help but smile as I saw my little cousin Matthew following his father around trying to help with every small task. I remember those years as a young lad myself, always trying to help and wanting to be part of the task at hand. Given my fondness for the safety and utility of a sailing knife, what sailing knife would be best suited for a kid?

There’s several things to consider when choosing the best sailing knife for a kid. First and foremost it will need to be safer to use than most boating knives. I have many friends who either own their own fishing boats, or charter fishing boats. One of the tools they pride themselves on are there boating knives. A sharp boating knife is key to having an enjoyable time on the water. But when it comes to a child, sharpness should not be of top concern. Rather, you a knife that will provide endless hours of entertainment along with helpful tools should be top of mind.

After scouring the web and talking with friends at the boat yard, I’ve identified the TOP sailing knife for kids.

Pirate Sailing Knife Large

This is a set of pirate costume play accessories – a hook, monocular scope, sword, eye patch, and earring. These are fun for young kids to play with and would be nice accessories for a Halloween pirate costume. For what this set sells for I would have expected a bit more, such as a hat or costume, while what’s included is OK. The items seem well constructed, the earring seems a bit extra large for kids to wear, and the pirate skull & bones logo is on the hook and eye patch. If you are looking for something safe for kids to play with that will give the pretend pirate look, this set is a suitable option but not a complete costume.

This toy is such a hit. My four year old neighbor boy loves this pirate set. The hook and eyepatch are his favorite. He does not care for the earring because he says it pinches. Regardless of that, this toy is a ton of fun and I am very glad I got it. If you have a young boy, this is the toy that will give him giggles and fun. This toy is not top quality, but I give it five stars for the enjoyment factor.

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