Digging Deeper into a Good Sailing Knife

Sailing knife is also called personal knife. We can use it in many different ways. We have so many kind of sailing knife but none of them is truly perfect. We have two kinds of sailing knife: folding and fixed type knives. These two kinds of knives also include so many different types like: serrated and non serrated, sharp tip and blunt tip, locking knives. When you want buy a new and efficient sailing knife, the first thing that you should consider is the issue of material. Knives are made of different material. Ceramic knives have a 6.6.7 factor, steel ones have 8.8.2 factor and just diamond has 10. As you know ceramic knives are the hardest ones. But in sailing the knife must be stainless steel. You can test it with a compass before buying one.
Modern knives don’t have the ability to cut things but about sailing knife the issue is completely different. A perfect sailing knife must have 100% cutting potency. One of the basic options of perfect ones is saving your life in an emergency time. Because sailing knife is different with other knives like kitchen knives. Some times our life is depending just on our knife in the sea.
Here are some useful tips for buying a better knife:

  1. You should remember that knives with fixed blades are better in an emergency time.
  2. It is better to buy a non-slip knife with a thumb stop option. Because you can use this kind of knife even though the weather is raining.
  3. Stainless knives are the best ones but as we said you must be careful to buy a real stainless knife.
  4. Always choose a non magnetic stainless steel.
  5. At last a folding blade knife is better than other types.

According to different quality tests on all types of sailing knives during these years, the following marks are the best ones.
The best one is the Boys knives that produce from carbon, iron, chrome and silicon and don’t corrode at sea. The next brand is The Spyders made of non corrosion materials. This kind of steel has nitrogen in its contexture that prevent knife from corrosion. The third one is SOG knives. At last but not the least one is Myerchin with a great marlin spike. This selection doesn’t mean that other brands are not good.

As you see each kind of sailing knives and brands have so many different options. But you should remember that the best sailing knife is the one that helps you in emergency times and supply all your necessity.

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