How to use a Marlinspike

The Myerchin Knife Titanium Captain Pro TF300 Standard Spike Generation 2 is the sailor's choice for rigging knives with a marlinspike.

The Myerchin Knife Titanium Captain Pro TF300 Standard Spike Generation 2 is the sailor’s choice for the ultimate rigging knife with a marlinspike.

When it comes to tying knots in your line, the Marlinspike, a small metal pin connected to a sailing or rigging knife, is perhaps one of the most important pieces of equipment that you can have on your boat. I honestly would not set sail without one. In this post I want to give you a brief overview of how you can use one. Please bear in mind that this is not a complete guide. Somebody could write a whole book on using a Marlinspike. Think of this as more of a guide to its uses. By the end hopefully you will be convinced that you actually need one.

The Marlinspike is a metal pin. It has the job of assisting you with tying knots on the ship. You can tie knots without it obviously, but it makes the job a whole lot easier. It is also used for splicing lines and working with various objects on the boat. It can also come in incredibly handy as a tool for undoing knots as well (owing to the pin at the end).

What you need to realize is that Marlinspike is a term which stretches far beyond the use of the Marlinspike. It is something which is often used to describe the tying of knots, line care, and much more on boats. Therefore learning how to work with a Marlinspike is vital.

This is just a very brief guide to the world of Marlinspike seamanship. Using a Marlinspike properly will likely take many years of study to get it absolutely perfect. This is why I do encourage you to carry out further research. You will be surprised at just how useful you can become on a boat when you know how to use a Marlinspike. Don’t forget, you want to purchase a fairly decent Marlinspike (either on its own or on a knife) if you truly want to be successful.

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