3 Reasons Why You Should Never Leave The Dock Without A Sailing Knife

Never leave the dock without a sailing knife!

Never leave the dock without a sailing knife!

1. Regulations: Respect the Law!

The first reason on why you should never leave the dock without the right knife is the current legislation of the region you are in. There are several laws affecting boaters and sailors, and while they vary according to country or region they almost all include a set array of items you must have on board – usually the rescue or sailing knife is one of them.

2. Usefulness: A Resourceful and Versatile Item

Even if the law doesn’t make you have a rescue knife on board, you should definitely have one. The knife has so many different use and can be of assistance in so many situations that its versatility will surely fit your daily needs – trust us, it is going to be one of the most used items you’ll have on board and it can be used for a lot more than cutting.

3. Surviving: Sometimes it’s a matter of life and death

If you’re a fan of TV Survival programs you definitely know Bear Grylls. Well, he is always stating that two things are required for survival in the wild – fire and a knife. While he mostly talks about surviving on land, survival on the ocean also requires a knife. There will be times in which you’ll need your faithful sailing knife to cut you free of ropes, wires, get you out of traps, get that fishing hook out of your finger, cut lose a friend that could drown otherwise and stuff like that.

Bad things happen all the time and a good sailing knife can cut or free you from a huge array of them. As a tip let us point out that rescue knifes should have a blunt edge so that you can cut through ropes that are tight to your body while evading puncture wounds. eBay Amazon

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