User rating
Pros: Incredible feature-set. All locking blades for safety; 1-hand access to 4 outside tools. Free case! 100% stainless steel. 25 year warranty. Biggest selling point: one-at-a-time blade selection function means that the tool you want is the tool you get.
Cons: Some of the smaller tools can be difficult to pull out.

Leatherman New Wave Multi-TooI have always been a big fan of the Leatherman multi-tools and the new Wave is no disappointment. It has the long awaited feature of all tools locking making it safer and more usable than ever. The addition of the flat head attachment is useful and the serrated blade is just as versatile as before. I use the nylon sheath and it does it’s job adequately although the velcro could be a little more sticky. The scissor attachment is slightly less heavy duty than the last model but still carries out it’s function well; cutting through leather is no problem. All in all this is an essential tool for me and I never go anywhere without it.