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Pros: This knife brings great size to your arsenal of sailing knives. Sharp blade. 100% rust-proof japanese H-1 steel. Perfect to attach to your PFD or tuck away in a life raft since it doesn't take up much space at all.
Cons: While the small size is a huge benefit, it makes for an easier-to lose knife. Not recommended for children.

When on the high seas racing, cruising, or working on a commercial boat it is always important to know you have the right gear. What better way to make sure of this than with the Spyderco Tasman Salt Rust Free Serrated Edge Knife.  It’s small. It’s sharp. It does the job.

Spyderco Tasman Salt

Perfect for tucking away into your PFD due to it’s small size.

One of the most reliable sailing knives

It’s always important to have a reliable knife on land for survival. Don’t forget though, when out to sea you have to deal with more of the elements that take a toll on your equipment. Especially salt water corrosion on metal objects, such as a sailing knife. This is where a knife like the Spyderco Tasman Salt Rust Free Serrated Edge Knife comes in handy in conditions such as these–100% RUST PROOF. It’s a fact that over half of the planet earth is covered in salt water. This is definitely something to think about when sailing on the high seas whether it is for leisure, work or adventure.What better reason to carry a Spyderco Tasman Salt Rust Free Knife with you. These knives are made of a H-1 stainless steel non-rusting blade, containing nitrogen instead of carbon. Making this knife totally rust proof against the harshest conditions on the sea. That’s just a part of the benefits of carrying a knife like this with you. With a super volcano grip handle and a reversible left hand or right hand belt clip you can’t go wrong. For safety this knife also has a lanyard hole for that back up protection in case your knife accidently drops from hand during ruff seas. These knives are reliable, strong and are on the cutting edge when it comes to having a knife that will get the job done with out fail.

Perfect for a sailing adventure

The Tasman Salt Knife is one of the truly amazing knives available for a sailing adventure.  With its uniquely curved edge cutting claw styled tip, originally it was used for the commercial fishing industry, as well as the marine forces. Particularly when cutting netting and fishing lines. This was very beneficial with the hook-bill or (Hawkbill) like blade created by Spyderco. This style of knife, especially when looking for a survival sea knife allows you to pull in a line or material when needed. Not to mention with its ensured back locking mechanism so the blade will never fall back on to you. Compatible for the left hand or right hand user, with its reversible pocket clip a long with a lanyard hole to give that extra since of security.
When on the high seas cruising, racing,  or working on a commercial boat it is always important to know you have the right gear. Spyderco has been creating saver and or rescue knives for a long time. This style of knife is called the “saver” for good reason. In the case of an emergency this item has been renowned through many professions. Not just the old sailor of the sea. Rescue workers use this style of knife as well as EMT’s, it makes cutting easily but without the harm to those around.