User rating
Pros: Super sharp--cut's though ANYTHING. Easiest knife to open with only one hand. Yellow color makes it a snap to identify in life-threatening situations. 100% RUST FREE. Have personally used this knife hundreds of times over the last 10 years that I have owned it and it is still as sharp as the first day I acquired it.
Cons: Honestly, none.

It’s better to have a knife and not need one than to need a knife and not have one. However, taken a step further, it’s best to have the right knife than to have one that simply isn’t meant for the task at hand. For those looking for an ideal sailing knife, the Spyderco Atlantic Salt is just the blade for the job.

The choice of offshore racers!

The choice of offshore racers!

What makes the Spyderco Atlantic Salt so great?

Whether someone needs a primary sailing knife, or just a back up blade for boating, this Spyderco blade is particularly fitting. Easily worn on either the left or the right side with a simple pocket clip, this knife has a blade ground from H-1 steel, and a serrated edge that can make fast work of nearly any kind of line on the market. With a fiberglass injected handle, and a blade lock that’s both strong and dependable, this knife is certainly something to keep on hand if you’re planning on being out on the water for any length of time.

In addition to its sturdy construction, this Spyderco blade is also rust-proof. Further, this blades sharp point makes it a little more friendly around inflatable crafts, which can be ideal in both a casual as well as a rescue style situation. While lightweight and easy to carry, this knife is a long-haul sort of tool, and with its resistance to wind and rain, rust and salt, it’s a knife sailors will only need to buy once.

The necessity of a good knife

A knife has been a necessary tool on ships for centuries, and that’s just as true today as it was hundreds of years ago. This blade from Spyderco is ideal for sawing and slicing, making it a utility blade for packaging, cutting lines, and even sawing away pieces of torn or broken sailcloth. For many common problems sailors face, this blade provides a simple solution that’s ready to hand. It can even be opened one handed, which is particularly important for those who don’t have an extra hand when dealing with a problem.

Never lose your tools

Lastly, a minor feature of this knife really requires some attention. A back screw can be removed, and the hole can be used to string a lanyard through the knife. This is an ideal solution to prevent dropping this knife in the drink when working on a ship. Whether the knife is looped around a wrist, or simply carried on a clip at the waist, even a crewman with butterfingers isn’t going to let it slip overboard. After all, a rust proof knife does no one any good if it’s lost on the bottom of the lake or sinking down to Davy Jones’ Locker. For those who need to get into the water to make repairs, this feature becomes even more important, and it’s one that no shipboard knife should really be without.