Top 5 Sailing Gifts

Finding the perfect sailing gift for him or her is not as easy as it seems. However, after a lot of research, great testing, patience and consultation with sailing enthusiasts and product manufacturers, we managed to come up with the following gifts. 

These top 5 sailing gifts made it into the final list based on positive online reviews from customers who bought these items. Of course, some of the reviews complained about the high prices. However, we believe that cost should not stop you from splurging to get the perfect gift for someone who is dear to your heart.

We also considered the convenience that these gifts are likely to engender. For instance, the binoculars were selected because they improve sight (which is crucial for the avid sailor). In the same way, the compass was selected because no one ever wants to go sailing without a sense of direction.

Show me the top 5 sailing gifts!

1. Steiner Marine Binoculars 

The Steiner Marine binoculars made it into the list of top 5 sailing gifts for a number of reasons. They are high performance, without the accompanying high cost attached to ocular devices.

Steiner delivers perfect performance at the best value. These new binoculars feature multi- coated optics for excellent performance even in low light conditions. They also come with a 10 year limited warranty, in case you are not fully satisfied by the gadget.

You will also enjoy the revolutionary Auto- Focus system that brings everything into focus (from 20 yards away to infinity). All you have to do is set your sights on anything and use your pair of Steiner Marine binoculars to view it better.

As an observer, you are also guaranteed of shockproof and waterproof experiences, which you will appreciate once you go off into the deep blues. As a result, the Steiner Marine binoculars can stand up to constant use in the harsh marine climate.

However, the most innovative aspect you will enjoy is the new high def, broadband optical formula employed in this pair of binoculars. It features record- setting light transmission, enabling you to get clear, comfortable, high contrast and sharp images both in the dark and in plain daylight.


2. Brunton Gentleman’s Compass 

Brunton Gentlemans CompassThe Brunton Gentleman’s compass is the perfect gift for the seasoned sailor. Decent features include the classic turn- of- the- century design, a lift arm needle protector, and an engraveable mirror. You also get the revolutionary Swivel- style lid to complete the look.

Apart from the above, this compass is beautiful, well crafted and lightweight. It is also fairly accurate, especially in comparison to its counterparts in the marketplace. You can be sure that whoever receives this gift will know how thoughtful and considerate you are. Once you see the expression on their face, you will understand the reasons behind the rather high price tag.

Additionally, it is clear that the Brunton Gentleman’s compass has been designed for those who are looking for something nice that can be personalized, especially considering the engraveable mirror.

That said and done, we chose this gadget to number among the top 5 sailing gifts because it is multi- functional. This means that it can be used while sailing, for deep sea diving or even for long hikes and backpacking excursions. It will help your loved one save a lot of time and energy by preventing them from getting lost, and in a classy way too.

3. Suunto X10 Wrist-Top GPS Computer Watch (with Compass, Altimeter, Barometer and GPS)

Suunto X10 Wrist-Top GPS Computer WatchThe Suunto X10 Wrist-Top GPS Computer Watch is as fascinating as it sounds. The nomenclature advertises itself, turning this watch into a must have. It is also multifunctional, in the sense that you get GPS, a barometer, altimeter and a compass when you buy the watch. All of them are intricately interwoven into the watch so that it is almost impossible to actually tell how much the Suunto X10 is packing.

The latest gadget from Suunto Labs, this is the lightest GPS-enabled wrist computer you can get today. Using this watch, you can track your adventures in 4 dimensions. Apart from this, you can use the Trek management software to plan your routes ahead of time.

Once you are out in the great outdoors, consider using the compass and the barometer to keep on the right track while watching out for changes in weather conditions.

Similarly, you can use the Suunto X10 to record your altitude, distance and speed long over 500 different GPS waypoints. You can then upload your routes on Google Earth so that all and sundry can see how deep you have ventured into uncharted territories.

This wrist- top computer is also small and lightweight, making it the terrific companion for the occasional and the practised sailor. Even under adverse weather conditions, it will also work perfectly.

4. Nautica Men’s N16655G NST 700 Chrono Fashion Active Watch

Nautica Mens N16655G NST 700 Chrono Fashion Active WatchIf you’re looking for something more fashionable, then you should consider buying the Nautica Men’s active watch. This watch combines distinctive styling, a unique design and bold colors that will definitely catch the eye of your fashion- conscious boyfriend, husband, brother or close relation.

Inspired by sailing, the functionality also reflects on the active and energetic lifestyle that is commonplace for those who love spending time grinding on familiar and strange waterways.

What is more, this Nautica Men’s active watch fuses the latest in technical chronographs with the best of classic global fashion and style. Needless to say, each elegant watch also features the signature detailing that Nautica is wildly famous for.

For a slightly marked down price, you will get a properly brushed silver case, a bracelet, a navy dial and the perfect chronograph any sailing enthusiast could ever hope for. The Nautica Men’s active watch also features quartz movement in a case diameter of 45 mm.

The durable mineral crystal design will also protect your watch from scratches, unavoidable bangs, falls and any other physical activity that would ruin a lesser watch. To crown it all off, the Nautica Men’s active watch is water resistant (of course), but only to 330 feet/100 meters.

5. Davis Deluxe Mark 25 Master Sextant

Davis Deluxe Mark 25 Master SextantThe final and perhaps the most exciting of all the top 5 sailing gifts is the Davis Deluxe Mark 25 Master sextant. Yes, it is as classy as it sounds and looks. In the modern world where GPS seems to take over in the sailing world, possessing a sextant is a novelty few can hope for (or afford).

Mastering this Davis Deluxe Mark Master sextant will take some time. However, once that is done, you are set for life–much like learning how to use a phone or ride a bicycle.

You can start out using an artificial horizon from your backyard to position yourself correctly. Find your way to a predetermined destination. Then use GPS to check whether you got it right. The thrill that comes with learning how the Davis Deluxe Mark Master sextant works is worth every effort and minute expended in the education.

What is more, most professional sextants are awfully expensive. However, for a watered down price, you can procure this amazing gadget and gift it to a loved one for use on the water.

Overall, the Davis Deluxe Mark Master sextant features a full horizon mirror and a special coating for easier viewing of images through the mirror and proper illumination through long- life LED. These features, and more, have sparked a scramble among sailing enthusiasts desperate to get their hands on one of these modern sextants. Is it any wonder that it is, perhaps, the most popular among the top 5 sailing gifts?

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